Privacy Policy


The Board of Opening Doors Foundation Ltd (ODF) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information which the organisation collects, holds and administers.


Your privacy is important 

This policy outlines how ODF uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it.

ODF is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

This policy outlines how ODF will manage personal information including:
* the collection of information;
* use and disclosure;
* storage;
* destruction and de-identification;
* ensuring data quality;
* data security and retention; and
* access to personal information and correction;


3.1 What kind of personal information does ODF collect and how does ODF collect it?

ODF will only collect information which the organisation requires for its primary function, and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection and reasonably expected, or to which you have consented.

The types of personal information collected by us, while providing services to you, may include:
personal details such as your name, address, date of birth;
social security and pension eligibility for the purpose of determining your financial status and eligibility for accommodation or support;
other financial information which may be used to determine eligibility for accommodation and your position on our waiting lists;

In some circumstances ODF may request sensitive information from you, such as medical information. For example, we may need this information to assist other service providers delivering support services on your behalf, or in case of an emergency. We will only collect sensitive information with your consent.

Sensitive information includes:
health information
personal and social preferences
religion or faith requirements
racial or ethnic origin
genetic and biometric information
video, images, audio and other data from monitoring devices (eg CCTV, personal care alarms)health information and information about religious beliefs, race, gender and others).

ODF will not request details of government assigned identifiers of an individual unless it is necessary and lawful and will not use such identifiers as its own.

ODF will usually collect information directly from you but sometimes we may need to solicit information from a third party. We will only do this if you have consented for us to collect this information in this way or where it is not reasonable or practicable to collect the information directly from you. Others we may collect information about you from include:
your family members;
your appointed representatives (e.g. enduring guardian);
medical practitioners, allied health providers or other professional experts;
our service providers such as medical and allied health professionals and agents or subcontractors of any of those providers;
our agents or distributors;
statutory authorities or government departments;
publicly held information including public registers or websites.

In the event that ODF receives information about you that we did not request i.e. unsolicited information, and this information is not necessary or directly related to the information we need to provide you with services or support, then we will destroy or de-identify the personal information as soon as practicable, unless it is contained in a Commonwealth record or it is unlawful or unreasonable to do so.

We may collect personal information (including sensitive information) from you in several ways, including:
in writing, including through forms;
over the internet, including via our website, Apps, email, online forms, Web Chat, surveys;
verbally over the phone, or in person;

You are not obligated to provide us with your personal information but if you don’t, we may be unable to assist you or provide you with a product or service.

3.2 How will ODF use and disclose your personal information?

Your information will only be used for its primary purpose and the reason it was collected, or a directly related secondary purpose.

How we use and disclose the information we have collected includes:
answering an enquiry you make;
assess an application for accommodation,
informing you of other products or services that we may provide;
assessing an application for employment or volunteering with us;
monitoring and assessing the effectiveness and appropriateness of our products and services;
maintaining and improving our products and services, auditing, quality assurance and training;
any other purposes communicated to you at the time we collect your personal information, or you otherwise agree to with respect to our products or services.

In relation to a secondary purpose we may use or disclose your information only where:
you would reasonably have expected us to use it for such purposes;
you have consented;
certain other legal reasons exist;
disclosure is required to prevent serious and imminent threat to life, health or safety.

Other organisations and individuals who may have access to your information or to who it may be disclosed include:
the person you have designated as responsible for having authority to give and access information on your behalf or who has an intimate personal relationship with you and this is not against your express wishes.
organisations who are providing support services on your behalf;
Government departments and authorities ODF is legally bound to provide your personal information to. For example, the NSW Rental Bond Board.
our contractors who supply support services for information technology and computer software that are related to tenancy, and electronic data storage of your personal, financial and health care information. (Where we outsource these services we will require them to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Principles).
Organisations, agents and contractors that assist us in providing services that meet industry standards or services that best meet our clients’ needs. Typical activities of these organisations would include certification and accreditation services, risk management, auditing, financial management and staff education.

ODF will not use your information for direct marketing or fundraising unless you consent to the use or disclosure of your information for that purpose.

Your information is not sent overseas. If our processes change and it requires information to be sent outside of Australia we will ensure that any overseas provider is compliant with Australian Privacy Principles and we will notify you of the change.

3.3 Data Quality

ODF will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is up to date, accurate, complete and relevant. Data quality is maintained through constant observations and documentation. You may seek to update your personal information at any time.

3.4 Data Security
3.4.1 Data Security and Protection
ODF holds your personal information in a combination of hard copy and in electronic form.

ODF will take all reasonable steps to ensure data is secured and protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We use secure locked storage areas and information technology processes such as access control and encryption to protect information.

Your information will be maintained for as long as it is necessary to provide you with our services or product, or for as long as it is required by law.

3.4.2 Destruction and de-identification
ODF will take reasonable steps to destroy personal information or ensure it is de-identified if it no longer needs the information for any purpose for which it may be used or disclosed.

3.5 Access and Correction
ODF will ensure individuals have a right to seek access to information held about them and to correct it if it is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up to date.

An individual has the right to obtain access to any personal information which ODF holds about them and to advise ODF of any perceived inaccuracy.

ODF may require you to verify your identity and specify what information you require.

Although no fee will be charged for accessing your personal information or making a correction, ODF may charge a fee to recover expenses to retrieve and copy any material if the information sought is extensive. In this case ODF will advise the likely cost in advance.

3.6 Anonymity and Pseudonymity
ODF understands that certain circumstances, as detailed in The Privacy Act and Guidelines, may arise where an individual may wish to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym. ODF is committed to making this option available where it is reasonable and practical to do so.

ODF is not required to offer the option of anonymity or pseudonymity if ODF is required or authorised by law or a court or tribunal order to deal with identified individuals, or
it is impracticable for the entity to deal with individuals who have not identified themselves.

In most circumstances it will not be practicable for us to deal with you or provide any services to you except for the most general responses to general enquiries, unless you identify yourself.

3.7 Enquiries and Privacy Complaints

If you would like further information about the way ODF manages the personal information it holds, please contact the Privacy Officer.

If you have any concerns, complaints or you think there has been a breach of privacy, then also please contact the Privacy Officer:

The Chief Executive Officer
email: [email protected]
tel: 0438 520 051

Our Privacy Officer will arrange a meeting in person or by teleconference.
If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint within 30 days from this meeting then you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner via:
email: [email protected]
tel: 1300 363 992
fax: +61 2 9284 9666

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